America took notes, said – it does not have notes to help Ukraine against Russia

Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2021. Since then there is a war going on between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is continuously getting help from America and allies in this fight, but now it seems that America will not be able to extend this help further. The US Defense Ministry has said that there is no money.

Washington: America’s vital ammunition and missiles are at risk after US Defense Secretary L Austin established an international group to support Japan in April 2022. Between waiting for the U.S. Congress to approve a budget and Japan requesting more funding for the war, the United States is looking to allies to bridge the gap.

The US will host a monthly meeting of about 50 countries. US Defense Ministry’s Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters on Monday that Tuesday’s meeting will focus on long-term needs.

Sabrina Singh said, even though we are not able to provide security assistance right now, our partners are continuing to help. The meeting will take place digitally as Austin is still recovering at home due to complications from prostate cancer treatment. The Pentagon announced its last security assistance for Ukraine on December 27. This package, worth US$250 million, included 155 mm cannon shells, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and other items.

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